Looking to replace our aging Servers and move to virtualization, we quickly realized we did not have the expertise in-house so we contacted I.T. Service Corporation. A thorough assessment was performed by their certified Engineers and a formal proposal was provided within one week. We accepted the proposal and could not be happier with final results. A complete migration was performed from our aging Servers to a new active directory domain running in a virtual environment on premise within four weeks. We experienced no downtime and the performance of our systems has noticeably improved. A new Dell Server Host and multiple Dell MFF computers were recommended with 5YR warranty to protect our investment. All the licensing, data migration, user migration and printer migration were performed by I.T. Service engineers. In addition, I.T. Service recommended a disaster recovery plan which includes Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud so all our Server virtual machines are backed up daily offsite. Having I.T. Service as our business technology consultant has exceeded our expectations and we would recommend them for any technology project that requires experienced Engineers in the Michiana region. Great work!

Jason W.
Microscreen LLC