Internet Fax

Manageable faxing that's easy, more affordable and green.

With Ring Central Internet Fax Solution from I.T. Services Corporation, you can send and receive faxes using your existing desktop, e-mail client or mobile device using your existing internet connection. Save up to 40% off your long distance phone bill by eliminating outbound fax calls that can cost your company hundreds of dollars with long distance fees. We can also verify if you can port your existing fax number so you do not have to change the fax number you have currently. This service allows you to get online anywhere to confidentially store, manage, fax and share documents, instead of using a bulky and frustrating fax machine. We can help you set up a Internet Fax Solution with little to no interruption and without installing any additional hardware.

Ring Central Internet Fax Solution converts your e-mail attachments into fax documents that can be sent directly to your recipient(s). When you receive a fax, the sender faxes to your individual fax number, where it's converted to a PDF or TIFF file for easy, private viewing in your e-mail inbox, dektop app or mobile app. To send a fax, simply use your e-mail or Ring Central app to write, format and send faxes to your contacts, which they will receive on their regular fax machines. You can even include cover sheets, notes or send group faxes to entire departments.

I.T. Service Corporation can provide and install a Internet Fax system that is:

  • Affordable - Our solution cost less than traditional fax machines and paper.
  • Secure - You receive faxes in your personal email or Ring Central App, instead of at a public fax machine.
  • Green - Eliminate paper waste with electronic storage of your fax documents, and only print hard copies
    when you need them.
  • Reliable - Internet Fax is always up and running, plus you receive confirmation and tracking of all faxes.
  • Mobile - Use it anywhere, with any device that connects to the Internet and an e-mail client or Ring Central App.

Let I.T. Service Corporation show you how Ring Central Internet Fax can help you stay more connected, more easily. With more private and manageable faxing, you’ll never miss or lose an important message again.

See how easy an Internet Fax system can be, call us for a free demo today.

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