Structured Wiring

Having a network that is connected and running properly begins at the physical level of the OSI Model. You ask, what does that mean? Well, it means all network communications begin at your Cabling and Network Cards. If you have a new cabling project or need to reassess your existing wiring, please contact us to have a certified technician review your wiring. We can pull ethernet, fiber, coax, and phone cabling, terminate them to a patch panel and label them for your convenience. If you need new or replacement switches, routers, access points, IP phones, etc., then we are your one stop solution.

Our projects have included: fiber optic fusion splicing, telephone cable and system installations (VOIP applications inclusive), network installations and support, CATV, CCTV, access controls (gates inclusive), structured cabling systems, design work, consulting, troubleshooting, indoor cabling, outdoor cabling, PLC control work, PA and sound systems, third party testing, fire alarms, security alarms, wireless installations (including G3) and expertise in many other low voltage projects.

We currently have an IBEW Voice Data Video JYNM., BICSI Technician, BICSI RCDD with certifications from : Flextray, Hubbell, Inter-tel, Avaya, Panduit, to name a few.

If your wiring is not Certified to IEEE Specifications, then you could ultimately be costing your company downtime and possibly corrupted data. Don’t take chances – get it done right the first time.

We provide free estimates and after every completed job you get a Certified Report of your network installation.

So give us a call today to discuss your Structured Wiring needs.

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