Network Rx

Look after your business’s most important asset

Today’s fast-paced professional world requires your company to keep on top of technological advances. In order for your business to perform at its peak, it needs a network and IT infrastructure you can rely on.

Network Rx from I.T. Service Corporation will ensure your network is running to its best capabilities and that your business can stay one step ahead of its competitors. Our Cisco and Microsoft certified engineers will regularly monitor everything from your hardware, software, events logs, windows updates, firmware, security logs, existing service contracts, asset inventory and more in order to foresee and fix potential problems that might otherwise compromise the smooth running of your business.

Should something go wrong with your network, our experts can quickly resolve problems remotely with monitoring capabilities from our Realtime Cisco OnPlus managed service solution. That means we can fix network problems before they cause costly downtime.

We provide the support you need should a disruption of service occur. With I.T. Service Corporation’s support, you can foresee and combat potential network problems before they occur and help prevent the business downtime a network failure can cause.

Network Rx from I.T. Service Corporation offers:

  • Security - your systems are proactively monitored
  • Reduced downtime - issues are identified and fixed before they cause problems
  • Cost savings - expensive, long-running IT problems are solved
  • Increased productivity - with reliable technology that runs smoothly

Your monthly investment will insure your network’s safety. We offer regular check-ups from our team of highly experienced engineers to keep your business one step ahead.

Invest in the future of your business.

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