I.T. Service Corporation CP is an ITaaS program designed to meet the technology needs of today’s organizations with the latest digital transformation technologies implemented to allow you and your organization to be a highly functioning team working from anywhere. This program includes a security-minded service and support plan built in; designed to allow I.T. Service Corporation to be your IT Department in the Cloud and dramatically improve service uptime by proactively working to prevent IT failures and reducing the duration of unavoidable IT failures.

The I.T. Service Corporation Managed Services program provides unlimited 8x5 (8:30 AM – 5 PM) remote help desk support, 24x7 Network Operations monitoring and remediation, as well as available emergency on-site support during normal business hours (8:30 am to 5 pm). In addition, our managed service includes additional network monitoring that reduces downtime related to network connectivity issues. Virtual CIO consulting is also included with this program and IT review meetings will be conducted twice a year to review the ongoing technology needs. Special pricing is also included for equipment purchased through I.T. Service Corporation and project work.


  • Diminished business impact from IT failure through reduced incident mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • High level of overall IT cost predictability which helps eliminate peaks and valleys in your IT spending.
  • Scalable cloud environment transforming your organization into the future of digital workplaces.
  • Customers have a single point of contact for all IT requirements and support, including third-party vendor support.
  • A more stable network environment due to standardization and sophisticated maintenance and support levels backed by appropriate service level agreements.
  • Security, security, security – our programs are focused on security to give you and your staff peace of mind with today’s ever-changing technology threats.
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer to provide your organization with IT Consulting and align your IT strategy to your overall business goals.
  • Priority Response – our managed customers get preferential treatment and instant support